Why Has Your Candle Gone Dark on this Land of Gold and Honey? I Want to Know?

Oh, great mother Ghana,  a woman blessed with Rich land,  Culture, and Food.  You gave birth to an Elite who led Africa into the light.  Why has your candle gone dark on this land of gold and honey? Your hospitality and abundance of knowledge earned you the enviable name  ” Gateway to West Africa “. So why have you swayed off your enviable trail? Prior to the arrival of the Whiteman, the custom of your Ancestors allowed women to play a very important role in society as queen mothers and advisors of the state.  This means women were viewed to possess special knowledge to study and select.  Why have you then ignored your daughter’s effective education?

Do you agree that a child’s future is always foreseen and determined by your mother? I recall about five years ago, your ex-husband wrongly used about GH 47 million to rear Guinea fowl while many of my sisters were at home without adequate support to receive a quality education.  I remember your current husband promised to fix that, hmmm I recently heard that some of my sisters are being harassed sexually in school.  What is baddy doing about these issues? Is he fixing it, or he is still holding to his promise?

Mother,  I hope you remember my older sister you sent to school and provided with a good education? Do you remember Efua Theodore Sutherland,  a Ghanaian playwright,  radio broadcaster,  creative director, poet, teacher, etc?  I need not mention all because you are aware.  Your daughter Alice Annum who was tagged  “Baby Jet ” due to her remarkable speed game is also to be remembered.  Mum, you would be amazed to realize that your Male children are even learning from your female children.  The General Captain of Black Star Asamoah Gyan who is Nicknamed Baby Jet got it from the Legendary Alice Annum.  She was an Athlete who won Gold in 1965 all Africa Games in Brazzaville,  Silver at the 1970 Commonwealth games in Scotland, and many others wear. Those daughters strived hard to uplift your image and make you proud.

But mother, are you happy at the current state of your daughters,  where Teenage Pregnancy,  Abortion,  Sexual harassment, and school dropout have engulfed them. Mother,  you need to stop dwelling in past glories.  It is time you rise again,  give equal attention and opportunity to all your children.  If you would pay more attention to female child education if you would protect them from their teacher and lecturer’s sexual abuse, if you will establish strong policies to finance and support their education.  You will be happy again,  mother I will pause here, but I will check on you again to see how you are doing.

With much love, I write this letter.

Gladys Biney
Your daughter

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