What Ghanaians Needs to Kown

Working in the NGO industry in ghana is quite challenging. The truth is that you will not fully understand the sector until you get in, I think this is a reason why we have most NGOs registered in ghana but they do not operate.

Others also have the perception that the moment you register an NGO organization, you quickly need to start receiving money from the government or quickly write an email to abroad and money will begin coming, that is why we have many NGOs in ghana that they are not effectively operating.

NGO basically has two major departments, Apart from the donation of items that constitute money, NGOs do a lot of advocacy, so I believe that if we don’t have money to donate, We can carrying on with the pubic education aspect of it.  I believe we need to be effective and determining, I believe we need to partner with each other when the need arises, I believe we can help to serve ghana batter, Yes, I believe in ghana. Am Glady Auntie Biney of Auntie is Merkezi organization.

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