Hayden Kwabia Auntie First Child Ambassador for eYs Magazine Australia

An award-winning Australian magazine eYs confirmed Hayden Kwabia Auntie as their first child Ambassador.
eYs magazine spring 2020 – 10th edition is dedicated to men and women who have influenced and have made a change in the world. 
The cove featured an Australian Frank Cuiuli a global leader in the Neurophysics and Martial Arts expert. Among him is Ken Zulumovski the founder of Gamarada universal indigenous Resources and other 48 global key influencers and businessman all were celebrated in the edition.

Surprisingly Hayden Kwabia Auntie a two-year-old Ghanaian born image was published on page five of the magazine and was congratulating her for winning an Ambassadorial deal with the institution.  Hayden Kwabia Auntie selection was influenced when at the age of one and a half, her pictures started circulating on her mother Gladys Biney’s social activist Facebook platform on her nationwide campaign  “Support girl child education and equality for all gender”. Hayden’s pictures were mostly used in many articles ( ref. facebook page auntieismerkezi). The following are her social media handles that she will be using for her Ambassadorial work, Instagram “auntiekwabia” Facebook”Hayden Kwabia Auntie”. We say congratulation Hayden and hope you will step in the foot of your mother and grow to become responsible and influencer.

Instagram “auntiekwabia” Facebook”Hayden kwabia Auntie”

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