Counsellor Lutterodt  Shouldn’t be Ban alone, Media Houses which gave him the Platform for his ill Teachings Should be Mulct. 

The action taken by the Ministry of Gender towards Counsellor Lutterodt who speaks abusively to women on our various media platforms should be emulated. The current incidence involving him must serve as an example to anyone who thinks he can use media to abuse people. 

Based on this I will wish to ask these questions: Are there no Rules/Regulations regarding the content that are broadcasting on our various media platforms? What is the Ghana Media Commission doing about these unpleasant contents been broadcasting daily on our Radio, Television, and most importantly social media? 

Without government interference do Ghana Journalism Association has any responsibility for its members, promoting by allowing such content on their various channels? The association to me has failed in its duties After founded in 1949  to be an umbrella organization for all journalists in Ghana and train its members to serve the nation batter.  
 The media today has turned into a hub for the fraudster, fetish priest and so-called men of God!!!!!!!!. The youth want quick money and these people in question make it seem there is an easy way rather than had work.

It’s important that our lawmakers put in strict measures to control the content that are been broadcasting in the country. l think the media houses should be held responsible for broadcasting unhealthy or any controversial content on their channel.

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